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Manor Field SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) Base is an integrated part of Manor Field Infant and Nursery School.  The base offers assessment places for children from Year R to Year 2 who are experiencing difficulties managing their behaviour or emotional responses in their home school.  Children have difficulties for a range of reasons. The role of the Base is to assess children and offer support and advice to families and home schools to help overcome these difficulties.

The SEMH Base can accommodate up to eight children. Referrals are made from the home school through an overall central system and decisions are made by a Panel once information has been shared and observations have taken place. Depending on need, children will be offered a full-time placement initially, attending Monday to Friday each week. After a period of up to a term, a gradual transition will be developed with the home school, beginning with one day a week, increasing in length as the children near the end of their placement. Links will be built between the Base and home school through a key adult from the home school regularly joining the staff and child at the Base to share best practice. Daily reports will also be shared, and regular meetings organised, with parents and home school staff. Assessment placements can last up to four terms depending on the year group a child is in when they join the Base.

The Base is based in a bright, modern building established solely for this purpose.  It consists of a large main classroom, a nurture room, a quiet room and an enclosed outdoor area. It is staffed by a Lead Teacher, a HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) and two TAs. Academic learning is aimed at an appropriate level for individual children. However, the days are structured predominantly around therapeutic approaches and exploration of responses, providing opportunities to learn strategies which will help support children when they return to their mainstream classrooms.

The Base has access to the services of other experienced professionals who can aid further assessment and provide educational reports that can be used to support a picture of a child’s on going needs.

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