Teaching Staff

At Manor Field there are eleven full and part-time teachers who amongst them have a wide variety of expertise and who are an informed and enthusiastic team of professionals, dedicated to providing a quality education for your child.

The teachers regularly attend courses and meetings to increase their knowledge and skills, ensuring strength in all areas of the National Curriculum.

Mr Jim Adams  Chief Executive Officer
Mrs Heather Haines Executive Headteacher Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Laura Turk  Executive Deputy Head Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Rebecca Anderson
Teaching Staff & Senior Management Team
Alternative Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Jenny Kirk 
Teaching Staff & Senior Management Team
Alternative Safeguarding Lead
Miss Sarah Holmes
Teaching Staff
Mrs Stacie Eriksen Teaching Staff
Miss Lucy Howell      Teaching Staff
Miss Abi Shaw  Teaching Staff
Mrs Emma Watkins  Teaching Staff & Alternative Safeguarding Lead
Miss Lily Johnston Teaching Staff
Mrs Louise Mundford  Teaching Staff


Support Staff

We also have a team of teaching assistants/classroom assistants who work throughout the school in classrooms alongside the teachers, supporting and helping teachers and children in many ways.

 Ms Alison Moore                                                   Teaching Assistant/MSA
Mrs Judith Dade                                                    Teaching Assistant/MSA
Mrs Gillian Crowe                                                                        HLTA
Mrs Barbara Fisher                                              Teaching Assistant/MSA
Mrs Jo Hollis                                                                                 HLTA
Mrs Karen Wigg                                                             Teaching Assistant
Ms Anne Boatman                                                 Teaching Assistant/MSA
Mrs Charlotte Copling                                         Teaching Assistant/MSA
Miss Rebecca Cox                                                   Teaching Assistant                                                               
Mrs Jenny Smith                                                    Teaching Assistant                                                                                                                   
Mrs Lorraine Cason                                             Support Staff/MSA                                                                                                                      
Mrs Berni Washington                                        Support Staff/MSA                                                                                                                       
Mrs Mary-Ann Leggett                                        Support Staff/MSA                                                                                                                         


Finance and Administration

Mrs Clair Burrows – Finance Manager
Mrs Suzie Goodrum – Administrator
Mrs Lissa Wilks – Administrator